The Creative Pulse podcast

Ep 44: Candace Birger - Cosplayer

June 16, 2021 Angela de Burger
The Creative Pulse podcast
Ep 44: Candace Birger - Cosplayer
Show Notes

Candace Birger (aka PlexiCosplay) is a talented cosplayer who has been recognized with multiple awards for her incredible costume designs. She even took first place in the armor category at the New York Comic Con Eastern Regional Championships!

She’s accomplished all of this by teaching herself how to create all of the elements of her elaborate costumes, including sewing and molding thermoplastics.

Who could have guessed that she’d also be able to use her skills in a new way this past year, when she served her community by making masks in support of health care workers and first responders, helping them stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Candace about what drew her into the cosplay community and why she loves it so much, her creative process when creating a new costume, why she shares her design tips and tricks so openly, and what led her to use her talents to support fellow community members.

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