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Ep 69: Siew Heng Boon - 3D Jelly Artist

May 11, 2022 Angela de Burger
The Creative Pulse podcast
Ep 69: Siew Heng Boon - 3D Jelly Artist
Show Notes

Siew Heng Boon is a Jelly Artist who crafts 3D jelly cakes and she’s the founder of Jelly Alchemy. She uses seaweed jelly in many different colours to create intricate designs, working with a variety of tools to inject coloured jelly into a clear jelly mold. Siew builds complex images in layers, creating them from an upside-down perspective and then flipping them over when complete and ready to serve.

She creates floral designs as well as almost any animal you can think of - fish, a panda, a peacock, a bunny, and many types of birds, to name only a few. Siew’s stunning, unique work is handcrafted, edible and as equally delicious as it is beautiful.

People have been so intrigued with her work over the years that they asked her to teach them how to do it too. She generously shares her knowledge and techniques with students all over the world through her Jelly Alchemy online classes, as well as in person in Sydney, Australia (where she’s based) at the Australian Patisserie Academy.

On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Siew about discovering jelly art and her talent for it, how she approaches a new design concept, how long it takes to make such intricate, multi-layered 3D images, and whether teaching people these techniques fuels her creativity in new ways.

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