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Ep 66: Anna Chojnicka - Banana Bruiser

March 30, 2022 Angela de Burger
The Creative Pulse podcast
Ep 66: Anna Chojnicka - Banana Bruiser
Show Notes

Anna Chojnicka uses a very typical, everyday item as her canvas - a banana! By pressing and poking into a banana’s peel in a series of carefully placed movements, she strategically bruises the skin of the banana, ultimately creating the most incredible edible artworks.

It’s hard to believe how detailed and intricate Anna’s designs are, considering she doesn’t use ink or paint or anything like that. All of the magic comes from the way she manually bruises the banana peel, combined with precise timing to achieve the look she’s going for.

And after all of that work, there’s a time limit on how long her artworks will be in their peak condition. After that brief window of time, the images live on only in photos.

Since Anna began, by chance, she’s created over 700 bruised banana artworks, taught workshops worldwide so other people can try their hand at it, and raised funds for causes she cares about.

On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Anna about how she created this unique art form, what exactly she does to make such vivid designs on banana peels, how this daily creative practice fuels her imagination, and why she’s drawn to making art that creates community and supports causes she cares about.

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