The Creative Pulse podcast

Ep 65: Siobhan Westrop - Poet

March 16, 2022 Angela de Burger
The Creative Pulse podcast
Ep 65: Siobhan Westrop - Poet
Show Notes

Siobhan Westrop is a poet who knows how to carefully craft entire story arcs using just the right words.

She lives, writes and explores in the Canadian Rocky mountains. Her work has been published in the Tiny Seed Literary Journal and Cerasus Magazine. And she just published a poetry chapbook, titled “Naturally.”

For this special chapbook of her poetry, she collaborated with Canadian landscape painter Joanne MacLennan - whose name may sound familiar because she is incredibly talented too and was a guest on episode 35 of the podcast.

On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Siobhan about why she’s so enamoured with poetry, how she approaches writing a new piece, why she felt strongly about pairing each poem in her book with an original painting, and what that collaborative experience was like for her.

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