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Ep 64: Lauren Fitzmaurice - Calligrapher

March 02, 2022 Angela de Burger
The Creative Pulse podcast
Ep 64: Lauren Fitzmaurice - Calligrapher
Show Notes

Lauren Fitzmaurice has tried lots of different creative pursuits but then she started experimenting with calligraphy. It captured her imagination, was a great match for her skill set, and she’s never looked back!

This method of creatively expressing herself came at a time when she needed that kind of outlet, helping her navigate some difficult moments in life. With big life worries on her mind, taking the time to slow down and practice mindfulness through this creative practice was just what she needed.

Since discovering this passion for calligraphy, she’s taught the art to hundreds of people. And recently, her first book was published! It’s titled “Hand Lettering for Self-Care: Calligraphy Projects to Inspire Creativity, Practice Mindfulness, and Promote Self-Love” and it helps people find ways to cut down on stress, make time for themselves, and learn a new skill.

On this episode, host Angela de Burger chats with Lauren about what drew her to experimenting with calligraphy and hand lettering, how it played a role in her self-care, why she participated in a 50 day calligraphy challenge, and what inspired her to write a book.

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