The Creative Pulse podcast

Taking a big leap and podcast updates

February 09, 2022 Angela de Burger
The Creative Pulse podcast
Taking a big leap and podcast updates
Show Notes

Hello again! After a crazy couple of months, taking a big leap to embark upon a new life adventure, I’m so happy to be back and bringing you fascinating conversations about the creative passions of intriguing people around the world.

In this episode, I’m sharing what I’ve been up to over the past couple of months (hint: an international move is a big undertaking!). And I also have an update about the podcast’s release schedule for new episodes.

Reflecting back on wise words shared by some of my guests really helped keep me pumped up, thinking positively and creatively in recent weeks. I share all of these gems in this episode and a big THANK YOU goes out to these insightful and creative guests who joined me on previous episodes, sharing their inspiring ideas:

  • Dave Gee, Doodle Artist (episode 51)
  • Anna Chan, Sand and Seashell Artist (episode 47)
  • James Miles, Revolutionary Arts Educator (episode 14)
  • Hope Heffner-Solimeo, Art Therapist and Abstract Artist (episode 22)
  • Natasha Smart, Wet Felting Textile Artist (episode 26)
  • Isabelle Hoops, Hula Hoop Artist (episode 33)

Next week I have a conversation with a fascinating guest to share with you so that will kick things off in an awesome way.

Be sure to join me for all of the upcoming episodes when I’ll talk to more people about their creative passions!

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